Thursday, February 17, 2022

Jira Project- Step By Step

  •  Epic:- Full requirement (Body of work) for your project and under this we have some stories.
  • StoryA user story is the smallest unit of work in an agile framework
  • Backlog:- Tasks that are still pending from a user story point of view.
  • Sprint:- Time duration for a task or user story is to be completed
  • Bug: Malfunctioning or error in the application.


  •         Create an Epic:- Loan for US customers
  •         Create 2 Stories under "Loan for US customers". 
  •                      Loan Customer Management
  •                      Loan Recovery Management
  •         Create 2 child issues
  •                   Customer Database design
  •                   Customer Database tables


Step 1:- Create a Cloud based Jira Account Jira Sign up

Step 2:- Login with that account

Step 3:- It will ask some questions to set up your account and you can skip or provide those details.

Step 4:- Select Project Template (Scrum, Kanban, Bug Tracking). Let's select Scrum and Confluence.

Step 5:- Select Project Type "Team Managed Project ( Project is managed by you or your team)" or "Company Managed (when you are working with different teams". Let's select Team Managed Project.

Step 6:- Create Project with Some Name (Banking Project) and it creates a key "BP".

Step 7:- It asks to connect with some tools ( Let's skip this)

Step 8:- You can invite your teammates who are working on this project.

Step 9:- You can see your project Dashboard which has Board, Backlog, Roadmap, etc options.

Step 10:- Under the Project menu, all your projects should be visible, you can select the project on which you want to work. As of now, I have only Banking Project and it is automatically selected.

Step 11:- Under Your Work menu, select Goto your work page, where you can see the items on which you are working on or assigned to you.

Step 12: Click on Create button to create an Epic issue ( Let's name it Loan).

         Issue type : Epic

         Summary: Loan for US customers

         Assignee: Your account

Label is optional

         Label: Loan   

Step 13:- Go to the "Your Work" menu and select your epic and add some comments.

Step 14:- You can add the watchers also who can watch activities on this epic.

Step 15: Create a story for your epic. Click on the "Create" button and Select 

           issue: Story

           Summary: Loan Customer Management

           Linked issues: your epic name (Bp-1 Loan for US customers in my case)

Step 16: Create one more story under the same epic.

            issue: Story

           Summary: Loan Recovery Management

           Linked issues: your epic name (Bp-1 Loan for US customers in my case)

Step 17: Click on Backlog to see both user stories.

Step 18:- Create Child issues or subtasks to Loan Customer Management Story

              Click on the story and select "Add child issues" 

              Customer Database design

              Customer Database tables              

Step 19: - Change the state form TODO to IN Progress for both the child issues. and provide assignee's name.

Step 20:- Create a sprint and drag and drop Loan Customer care story into this sprint.

Step 21: Start Sprint and provide the time frame ( 2 custom time period).

Step 22:- Change the status for one of the child issues and check the board. it should show that 1 of 2 issues are done.

Step 23:- Complete the sprint then it will allow you to complete it but you need to decide whether open issue will goto "New Sprint" or it will move to Backlog.

Step 24: - Complete the sprint and check the backlog and Board Links.


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