Thursday, February 17, 2022

Agile Methodologies

 In this methodology, the complete project is divided into different phases or iterations. In each iteration, you are constantly involving stakeholders. It is for continuous improvement on each stage.


Individual and interactions over the processes and tool.

Product owner:- Team or an individual who is responsible for the entire product.

Product Backlog:- Pending work.

Sprint:- To finish a work in a given amount of time

Agile Implementation

Scrum:- A project management approach, where the small teams are led by Scrum master, who is managing the complete life cycle of a sprint (short cycle for the project) means if there are any roadblocks then he/she is responsible to clear away those obstacles.

Kanban:- A visual approach to project management where teams can create physical representations of their tasks, often using the sticky notes on whiteboard or online apps. Tasks are moved through predetermined stages to track progress and identify common roadblocks


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