Azure DevOps


Azure Certification Details

1   SDLC & DevOps - Introduction

2.  Azure DevOps

3.  Azure DevOps Tools

4.  Agile Terminology

5.  Azure Project Processes

6.  Azure DevOps Organization and Its Configuration

7.  Azure Projects

8.  Azure Active Directory Overview

9.  Azure DevOps- Add Users and Set Permissions

10. Azure DevOps - Project Teams

11. Azure Boards

12. Azure Boards Lab

13. Azure Sprint Lab

14. Azure Add AD Users

15. Git - Distributed Version Control System

16. Azure Repo

17. Azure DevOps - CICD Pipeline

18. Azure DevOps-Azure Pipeline Lab

19. Azure DevOps - Azure pipeline using Github

20. Azure DevOps - Microsoft-hosted agents

21. Azure DevOps - Self-hosted agents

22. Azure DevOps - Integrate Jenkins with Azure Repos

23. Azure ARM Templates

24. Azure Monitoring

25. Azure Release Pipeline


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