Sunday, May 15, 2022

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management service. Azure Active Directory also helps them access internal resources like apps on your corporate intranet network, along with any cloud apps developed for your own organization.

With help of AD, we can create the users in the Azure account and provide the role-based access (RBAC)

Users are created tenant-wise or AD-wise.

Step 1: Check the default directory and its Resource groups. There is a default directory created which has its own unique tenant id.

Step 2: Create a set of users by searching the Azure Active Directory and creating new users in the default directory.

Step 3: You can create a new AD by creating a new tenant id. Search for AD and select Manage tenants and You can create a new tenant with Active Directory.

Step 4: After creating the tenant you can create the subscription in that tenant or AD and resource groups and resources.

Step 5: You can also change the directory for a subscription by selecting the subscription and selecting the change directory once the subscription is moved then all the resources of that subscription will also be moved.

Step 6: If you want to provide the RBAC to the user then you need to select the Resouce group and assign the role to the Resource Group.


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