Thursday, April 21, 2022

Capstone Mini Project ( Git,docker,kubernetes)

 You are working as a DevOps Engg and your responsibility is to develop and deploy docker images in production using Docker and Kubernetes.

The development team is developing the code and pushing it to the Github repo and You need to develop a docker image and deploy it in the Kubernetes env.

Kubernetes Cluster with 1 Master and 2 worker nodes.

Task 1: Create two HTML files (index.html and app.html) and maintain a local and remote repository using git and Github respectively.

Task 2: 2 Developers are working on these files and you need to create 2 branches in local as well on the remote repository.

Task 3: The final code should be merged into the main branch.

Task 4: Create a Docker file that has instruction layers as below

           Base image: ubuntu

           Installation: apache2 software

           Copy index.html and app.html under /var/www/html

           start apache server 

Task 5: A docker image(webimg) should be created with the above instruction.

Task 6: Push the image to your docker hub repositories.

Task 7: Deploy this docker hub image into Kubernetes env as a NodePort service with replication =3

Task 8: Push a new version of the application on the docker hub

Task 9: Roll the updates into Kubernetes env means a new version docker image should be implemented into production.

Task 10: Perform Rolling updates in Blue/Green Process


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