Monday, March 14, 2022

S3 Cross Region Replication

 Cross-Region Replication enables an automatic, asynchronous copying process between the buckets

Configured Buckets can be owned by a single account or they can be from a different account.

Destination bucket can be the different or same region

Use S3 Batch Replication on existing objects.

Step 1: Create a source bucket (srcbucket) in a region ( Mumbai ap-south-1) and Enable the versioning.

Step 2: Create a destination bucket (destbucket) in a different region ( North Virginia us-east-1) and enable the versioning.

Step 3: Select Source bucket and Click on Management Tab.

Step 4: Click on Create Replication Rule and Provide the below information

            Replication rule name: ReplicaRule1

            Status: Enable

            Priority: 0

            Source bucket: Apply to all objects in the bucket.

 Step 5: Select the destination bucket.

            Select option choose a bucket from this account

            Click on browse s3 button

            Select destination bucket

Step 6: IAM Role Choose from existing IAM role

           Select S3AdminRole (you need to create a role for S3 Full Access)

Step 7: Encryption :- unchecked

Step 8: Destination Storage class: unchecked

Step 9: Click on save button

Step 10: Upload a file in the source bucket and it should be copied in the destination bucket as well.


1. Delete the file from the source bucket and check whether it is deleted in the destination bucket or not.

2. Try to disable the versioning of either of these buckets.

3. Delete both the buckets.


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