Tuesday, March 22, 2022

DevOps - Gitlab Docker Kubernetes Project Instructions



            Valid Gitlab Account

            Valid Dockerhub Account and login to local system with that credentials


Step 1: Create a single EC2 instance

            AMI : ubuntu 18.04

           Instance Type: t2.medium

           SG : All traffic to open

           key: some valid key

Step 2: Install maven, docker ,gitlab runner

           sudo apt update

           sudo apt install maven -y

           sudo apt install docker.io -y

            The latest version of git

          GitLab Installation Steps

Step 3: Create a project Capstone CICD  in Gilab.         

Step 4: Create a sample maven quick start project using maven archtype.

Step 5: Local Git repo and link it to GitLab project.

Step 6: Create 2 branches dev1 and dev2 branch 

Step 7: Create a release branch

Step 8: Code from dev1 or dev2 ---> release branch ---> main branch

Step 9: Push code to respective code branch means Local main branch code to the main branch of Gitlab and dev1 to dev1 and so on.

Step 10: To create a Dockerfile - multistage to define the steps to include and deploy your jar file. and push it to gitlab repo.

Step 11: Create Gitlab CI/CD Pipeline where you need to define following stages

  In each stage create a log file and store the information that stage is completed or not.

    build stage:- Create the jar file using mvn clean package command

   builddockerimg stage: Build Dockerfile by adding jar file in the dockerimage.

   ImageScan Stage: docker scan for docker images

   ImagePush stage: docker image is to be pushed to docker hub

   test stage: jar file get created---pass

  Parallel test stage: container from docker image and if you find the container get created it means test is passed

Step 12: In k8s cluster run the NodePort service to expose an application on the browser


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