Saturday, March 5, 2022

Azure DevOps - Sprint Lab

In this lab, we will create some application tasks and assign them to existing user stories, and also we will walk through the sprints creation process.

Step 1: Create 2 Tasks and name them Application SignIn Task1 and Application SignIn Task2

Step 2: Select SignInModule user story and add Related Work --> Add link and add Child items as above tasks

Step 3: Check the iteration of SignInModule, assign it to iteration1, and also select both tasks iterations as iteration1

Step 4: Goto Boards--> Sprints and you will find Taskboards and you can find the SignInModule user stories and Tasks.

Step 5: Repeat Step 1 to Step 4 for SignUpModule user story for iteration 2.

Step 6: Create a new Sprint and setup its Start Date and End Date and Repeat Step 1 to Step 4 for creating some tasks in new sprint


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