Saturday, March 5, 2022

Azure DevOps - Boards Lab

In this lab, we will create an Agile Project Called DemoProj and we will create 2 user stories and assign them to a user.

Step 1: Create a Private Azure project in the default organization 

            Name:- DemoProj

            Visibility:- Private

            Process:- Agile

Step 2: In Boards, Select workitem as a user story and name it SignInModule and keep the rest of the settings as it is. By default the state of the item is New

Step 3: Check in the Boards, SignInModule user story should be visible with New state.

Step 4: Assign it to a user.

Step 5: Change the State from New to Active

Step 6: Check the backlog this work item should be visible in Backlog as well.

Repeat Step 2 to 6 for creating another user story SignUpModule.



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