Friday, March 25, 2022

AWS - Web Application Firewall (WAF)


Step 1: Create 2 EC2 instances in different AZs and install httpd and update the index.html file under /var/www/html folder so that you can differentiate these 2 instances' webservers.

Step 2: Create Application LB by creating a single Target Group by registering both instances.

Step 3: Get your public IP address so that we can restrict to access ALB from the system.

Step 4: Goto WAF---> IPSets

Step 5 Set following Configuration

         IP Set Name: MyIPSet

         Region: Select your region

         Add Your IP Address in IP

Click on Create IP Set

Step 6: Select Web ACL --> Click on Create WebACL

Step 7: Provide the details like

       Name: MyWebAcl

       Click on Add AWS resources button and select your ALB

       Click on Next Button

Step 8: Add Rule by click on Add Rule--> Select my own rule.

Step 9: Select IP Set and select your IP Select and click on Block access

Step 10: Reset of the options no change and Create on WebACL button.

Try to access your ALB on web it should be forbidden


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