Thursday, March 24, 2022

AWS - VPC Peering


AWS VPC Peering Documentation

Step 1:- Create 2 VPC myvpc -1 ( and myvpc -2 ( and its required components like subnet, Route Tables, IGW etc. (You can create VPC by using VPC with all its components option.)

Step 2: Create an Ec2 instance in each VPC and provide SG as all traffic and public IP addresses.

Step 3: Connect to any EC2 instance and try to ping the private IP address of other Ec2 instances. You will not be able to ping because both instances are in different VPC.

Step 4: Select Peering connection using VPC left panel's options.

Step 5: Click on Create Peering connection

Step 6: Provide below configuration for your peering connection

       Name: peering1

       Requestor: myvpc -1

       Acceptor: myvpc-2

       Account is same for both VPC

Click on Create Peering Connection button.

Step 7: Select Action and Click on Accept

Step 8: Update Route tables of each VPC by adding source as other VPC CIDR Range and connection type is peering connection.

Step 9: Now Ec2 instances can ping to each other


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