Thursday, March 24, 2022

AWS - Transit Gateway

 Step 1: Remove the peering connection from Route Tables and also delete the peering connection

Step 2: Select Transit Gateway From VPC left panel option.

Step 3: Click on Create Transit Gateway.

Step 4: Define the following properties

           Name: TSGW1

          and Rest of the properties are same

          Click on Create Transit Gateway

Step 5: Create the transit gateway attachments by selecting Transit Gateway Attachment link.

Step 6: Click on Create Transit Gateway button.

Step 7: Provide following details.

           Name: VPC-myvpc

           Transit Gateway: TSGW1

           Attachment Type: VPC

           select VPC : myvpc -1

Click on Create Transit Gateway attachment.

Step 8: Repeat Step 7 for myvpc -2

Step 9: Update Route tables of each VPC by adding CIDR range of other VPCs and connection type should be Transit Gateway.

Step 10: Create EC2 instances in each VPC and you will find that they can communicate to each other with a private network.


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