Sunday, March 20, 2022

AWS- System Session Manager (SSM)

 Session Manager

It is a part of the System Manager service of AWS and it is used for patch management for AWS instances.

Step 1: Create a role for EC2 service  with permission  AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore

Step 2: Attach the above role to the EC2 instance that you want to patch.

Step 3: Select System Manager Service.

Step 4: On the left panel select the Session Manager link.

Step 5: Click on Start Session button.

Step 6: You will see your instance here which is attached with Role. If you donot see in couple of mintues restart Ec2 instacne.

Step 7: Select EC2 instance in session Manager aand Click on Start Session button. It will open the terminal and check that httpd is installed or not. 

Step 8: Select Run Command from the left panel link and Click on RunCommand button.

Step 9: Search for shell and Select AWS-RunShellScript

Step 10: Add below commands in the Run Command window

    sudo yum install httpd -y

    sudo systemctl start httpd

     sudo systemctl enable httpd

Select you EC2 instance. and Run the command

Step 11: Check httpd is to be installed on your EC2 instance.


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