Monday, March 14, 2022

AWS - S3 Lifecycle Management

 Management for the Lifecycle of S3 bucket objects depends upon their requirement like frequent access or Infrequently accessing or archiving the data.

Prerequisite: Bucket should be already created in a specified region.

Step 1: Select Management Tab in the bucket .

Step 2: Click on create Lifecycle Rule

Step 3: Provide the below information about lifecycle rule.

          Life Cycle Rule name: lcr1

          Choose Rule Scope: Apply to all objects in the bucket

           Life Rule Action: select below option

             Move current versions of objects between storage classes

          Define the transition actions

       Standard IA---> 30 days

       Intelligent Tiering ---> 60 days

       Glacier:--->90 days

       Deep Archive:---> 365 days

Step 4: Click on Create Rule button and Rule should be created and Should be enabled.


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