Sunday, March 13, 2022

AWS- S3 Bucket Create Process

Simple Storage Service (s3)

Step 1:-  Create a Bucket

            Search for S3 service OR Storage---> S3 
            Click Create Bucket Button
 Provide details about bucket information
           Bucket name : mybucket908
           Aws Region :- ap-south-1
           ACL Disabled
           Block all public access: unchecked it
Click on Create Bucket button.

Step 2:- Add some files into S3 bucket
           Select bucket mybucket908
           Click on the upload button
          Add files/Add Folders Upload some files from your system.
          I am adding the file say index.html

Step 3:- Download the file
         select index.html and click on Download/open
        You should be able to download
Step 4:- Make index.html public
          Select Object URL and try to access it on the browser
          You will get the Access denied error
          Change the permission by Clicking on the Permission tab
          ACL enabled option and Acknowledge it.
          select index.html file
          Object Actions --> Make public using ACL and click on Make public button.
Step 5:- Delete the Bucket
        You can only delete the bucket if there is no object in the bucket.         
Enable versioning for S3 Objects

For example, if you make some changes in the index.html on your system and upload it again on the s3 bucket, then you will lose your previous version of the application. So we need to Enable versioning on Bucket level.

Step 1: Select the Bucket and select Properties.
Step 2:  Click on Bucket Versioning Edit button
Step 3: Enable Bucket Version
Step 4: Save Changes.
Step 5: Make change in index.html file and Upload it to mybucket908.
Step 6: Select index.html file and click on Version Tab.
Step 7: You can see multiple versions of your application(index.html)


  • Access the current version by using Object URL if it gives access denied error then make it public and access it.
  • Check are you able to switch between Current version and older version of index.html

Recover a deleted file

You can can't recover a file until the versioning is enabled on bucket level. Delete marker with unique ID shows the files which got deleted.
1. Select index.html file
2. Click on Delete button and Delete object
3. Click on Show Versions, it will show the index.html file with its versions.


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