Wednesday, March 9, 2022

AWS - Regions and Availability Zone



  • It is a Geographic area or physical location.
  • Every Region has a unique region Code like Mumbai has ap-south-1.
  • Each Region has a minimum of 2

AZ.Availability Zone (AZ)

  • It is a data center within a Region.
  • AZs within a Region are connected to each other and they are within 100 km (most likely) of distance.
  • Data flow between the AZs is encrypted.

Edge Location

  • It is data centers that are near to the user's location.
  • It provides the lowest latency
  • Mostly these are in major cities of a Region/Country
  • It is mainly used for Caching the data so that when a user request for a file then it should be transferred from the Cached server.
  • CloudFront Service is an example of an Edge Location.

AWS Cloud Front Documentation


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