Monday, March 14, 2022

AWS- CloudFront Theory + Lab

 AWS Edge locations are data centers closer to Regions and their purpose is different from Availability Zone(AZ) Data Centers. These Edge Locations are for Content Delivery Network (CDN). Like in AZ you can create an EC2 instance but when we are using CDN service from AWS then it automatically decides the nearest Edge location on behalf of us.CloudFront is the service meant for selecting edge locations for media files, API, images, etc with the lowest latency and high throughput.

  1. Cloudfront caches and delivers dynamic content to end-users.
  2. It is a global service not region-specific.
  3. You can define the Allow/Deny list of countries for CloudFront distribution.
  4. It supports IPV6
  5. You can enable the logging (s3 bucket)

How it works

Step 0: Create a file index.html in the S3 bucket(srcbucket) and provide public access to this file.

Step 1: Search Service CloudFront or Goto Networking and Content Delivery --> CloudFront

Step 2: Click on Create Distribution button.

Step 3: Define below properties

         Origin Domain: S3 bucket name(srcbucket)

         Origin Path: No change because of index.html file is not in any folder of s3 bucket

           Other properties are default no change.

          Price class:- Edge location with best performance 

Step 4: Click on Create distribution.

Step 5: Wait for distribution to create and once it is created that it will have a distribute domain name.

Step 6: Browse domain name/index.html and you will be able to browse the website. (Now it is from the Edge Location)



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