Friday, February 18, 2022

AWS -Storage Block Storage and Object Storage

 AWS has the following types of Storage types.

1. Simple Storage Services (s3)

2. Elastic File System (EFS)

3. Elastic Block Storage (EBS)


Block Storage vs Object Storage

1. Block Storage is suitable for transaction databases, random read/write loads, and structured databases.

Object storage stores the file as a whole and does not divide them.

2. Block Storage divides the data to be data stored evenly sized blocks.

In Object storage, an object is 

  • file data itself
  • its metadata
  • Object Global unique id

3. Data Blocks stored in Block Storage would not contain the metadata ( data created, data modified, content type etc).

Object Global unique id is a unique identifier for the object.

4. Block Storage only keeps the address( index) where data blocks are stored and can be mounted as a drive

Object Storage can't be mounted as a drive.

5. Example of Block Storage is EBS and Object Storage is S3,Dropbox etc.


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