Sunday, February 20, 2022

Ansible Playbook

YAML(YAML Aint Markup Language)

  • It is python based Language.
  • It is widely used in DevOps tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and Ansible.
  • You need to indent your code properly otherwise it throws syntax - Error.
  • .yml or .yaml is the extension of YAML files.
  • It stores the data in the following formats

 key-value pair:-     name: ansible



                              - Pong

                              - Mikraj

                              - Naveen

 Playbook (file name)

  It is an ansible script name which is having extension either .yml or .yaml


  In Playbook we can define one or more plays and these plays represents a set of tasks that you need to execute on a set of host machines.


 Plays consist of tasks and each task is having a set of modules definition which need to execute at run time.


   Plays can have some variables which you can use in the tasks.



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