Saturday, July 3, 2021

Ansible Assignment

 #---1 Create a Play book to install apache server on the destination server with yum module install only if the OS is 'Redhat' or 'CentOS' and version 7

#   Hint:- ansible_distribution is the variable which can have possible values 'RedHat','CentOS','Ubuntu','Debian'

#          ansible_distribution_version variable can have the value which can have the version of the linux           

#--2. Create a play book to install an apache server on RedHat and Ubuntu server    

#     Hint:- Create an Ubuntu machine and install python on it, apt module is used instead of yum in Ubuntu and name of software is apache2 not httpd

#--3 . Create a play book to create testuser1 and testuser2 on all the hosts (use loop)

       Hint:- use "user" module


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