Monday, September 14, 2020

Python Basic Structure


There are many components in Python which to develop a program. Let's see some of the very common and frequently used building block of the program.


These are the legal combination of symbols or operators which represents a value.


    1) a=15

    2) x=y+z

    3) if b>5: 


These are programing instructions


   1) a=15 

   2) print("Hello World")

   3) a=b+x


Comments are the lines that are ignored during program execution. Comments are mostly used to clarify the source code.# a symbol is used to make the statement comment.


Single line comment

# This line of code is for variable declaration

Inline comment

a=10  # variable a has value 10

Multiline comments

#This is the first-line comment

#The is second line comment


Functions are a set of statements that are defined under a named code section and we can reuse these functions by specifying the function name( function call). The function's definition is started with "def" keyword


  To Define a function SayHello

     def  SayHello():

         print("Hello India")

   To Call the function

        SayHell()   # this is function call

Blocks or suites:

These are a group of statements that are part of another statement or a function. All the statements inside the block or suite are intended at the same level.


To write a block statements for if condition will be 

  if a> 1000:

     print(" value is too large")

     print("This is a if statement block"


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